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Gluten Free Slices


Caramel Chocolate Cherry Ripe Chocolate Caramel Chocolate BrownieRaspberry & Almond Peanut  Passionfruit & Lemon

Portuguese Vanilla Custard Tarts

From $33.00

Our popular creamy cinnamon and vanilla custard centre that is wrapped in crisp butter pastry and meticulously crafted to a delicious 18th century recipe. Available in three different pack sizes.

Mini Fruit Flans

From $27.00

Delicious shortbread pastry flans topped with a beautiful custard and fruit. Each order comes with: 4 x Blueberry 4 x Mixed Fruit 4 x Strawberry *Orders for the smaller portion size are exactly half the number of units above. 

Authentic French Butter Croissants

From $9.99

Croissants are a pure pleasure in the morning. Made with a light, crispy and flaky shell, these are authentic butter croissants. Order plain croissants or delicious ham and cheese croissants to start the day off right every time!

Baklava - Pastry, Nuts and Honey Sweets

From $12.00

Sweet layers of filo pastry layered with crushed cashews and bound by sweet honey syrup. Available by the half dozen or dozen.

Cinnamon Scrolls


Sticky and sweet delicious cinnamon scrolls delivered fresh daily. 2 Cinnamon Scrolls for $11



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