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Gourmet Sandwich Platter

From $85.00

You’ll never look at a sandwich the same way again! Toppings include: smoked salmon, cream cheese & tomato; Chicken, avocado & mayonnaise and creamy egg & lettuce, Leg ham, seeded mustard & lettuce; salami, Swiss cheese & tomato and Roast beef, chutney & cucumber, tuna & mesclun lettuce with mayo. Large (18 Rounds) $153 Medium (14 Rounds) $119 Small (10 Rounds) $85 All sandwiches made with either or white, wholemeal, multigrain, mixed bread and cut into convenient bite size quarters, Club Style.

Fancy Fresh Fruit Platter

From $65.00

Delicately cut fruit pieces artistically presented to be the centrepiece of your desert table and sure to impress your guests. The fruit selection changes with seasonal availability and include: watermelon, honey dew & rockmelon; pineapple; kiwi fruit; blueberries, strawberries; grapes and passionfruit. Fresh Provisions is one of Perth's most often awarded produce retailers leaving yu with no doubt your fruit platter will be fresh, full of flavour and sweetness.  Large (Serves 14-18 People) $125 Medium (Serves 10-12 People) $90 Small (Serves 6-8 People) $65

Sushi Sampler

From $30.00

-Our fresh sushi is presented with wasabi & soy sauce for dipping. The platters are  available in a wide range of varieties including a reverse option where the seaweed is rolled internally. We can also cater with brown rice presenting a gluten free option. You can chose from the following popular varieties or you can leave it to us for a mixed version: Teriyaki Chicken Katsu Chicken Tuna Vegetable Large (60 Pieces) $90 Medium (40 Pieces) $60 Small (20 Pieces) $30

Continental Antipasto Platters

From $65.00

A beautifully presented selection of cold meats including mortadella, roast beef, leg ham, chicken and salami; vintage cheddar, pradera cheese and marinatedfeta cheese; olives and semi dried tomatoes; chunky pesto dip and crispbreads. Large (Serves 14-18 People) $115 Medium (Serves 10-12 People) $85 Small (Serves 6-8 People) $65

Roasted Free Range Chicken Platter


We roast Mt Barker Free Range Chickens with an option of hot or cold and presented ready to serve Free Range (16 Pieces) $29

Dip Platter

From $55.00

Choose from our selection of creamy & chunky pesto dips accompanied by healthy vegetable dipping sticks of carrot, celery, mini cucumbers , baby corn & grape tomatoes. Crispbreads, peppadews, marinated melanzane & dolmades to maintain a vegetarian option   Large (Serves 14-18 People) $115 Medium (Serves 10-12 People) $85 Small (Serves 6-8 People) $55

Connoisseurs Cheese Platter


Impress with a magnificent arrangement of Brie, Blue, Vintage Cheddar and Persian Feta cheeses alongside quince paste and crispbreads, surrounded by fresh strawberries and plump dates, Turkish Apricots & Olives Large (Serves 14-18 People) $125



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