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Gourmet Sandwich Platter

From $60.00

You’ll never look at a sandwich the same way again! Toppings include: smoked salmon, cream cheese & tomato; Chicken, avocado & mayonnaise and creamy egg & lettuce, Leg ham, seeded mustard & lettuce; salami, Swiss cheese & tomato and Roast beef, chutney & cucumber, tuna & mesclun lettuce with mayo. Large (18 Rounds) $110 Medium (14 Rounds) $85 Small (10 Rounds) $60 All sandwiches made with either or mixed white, wholemeal or multigrain bread and cut into convenient bite size quarters, Club Style.

Sushi Sampler

From $25.00

Our fresh sushi is presented with wasabi & soy sauce for dipping. The platters are  available in a wide range of varieties including a reverse option where the seaweed is rolled internally. We can also cater with brown rice presenting a gluten free option. You can chose from the following popular varieties or you can leave it to us for a mixed version: Smoked Salmon Prawn Teriyaki Chicken Katsu Chicken Tuna Vegetable California (Avocado & Crab Meat) Large (60 Pieces) $70 Medium (40 Pieces) $48 Small (20 Pieces) $25

Fancy Fruit Platter

From $50.00

Delicately cut fruit pieces artistically presented to be the centrepiece of your desert table.Fruits are subject to seasonal availability and include: watermelon, honey dew & rockmelon; pineapple; kiwi fruit; blueberries, strawberries; grapes and passionfruit. Large (Serves 14-18 People) $110 Medium (Serves 10-12 People) $80 Small (Serves 6-8 People) $50

Continental Antipasto Platters

From $60.00

A beautifully presented selection of cold meats including mortadella, roast beef, leg ham, chicken and salami; vintage cheddar, pradera cheese and marinatedfeta cheese; olives and semi dried tomatoes; chunky pesto dip and crispbreads. Large (Serves 14-18 People) $110 Medium (Serves 10-12 People) $80 Small (Serves 6-8 People) $60

Roasted Free Range Chicken Platter


Beautifully presented on a bed of lettuce with cherry tomatoes our Mt Barker Free Range Chickens are seasoned with a Honey & Lemon Stuffing which is Gluten Free. We keep it warm for you so all you have to do is uncover and enjoy. Free Range (16 Pieces) $29

Connoisseurs Cheese Platter

From $70.00

Impress with a magnificent arrangement of Brie, Blue, Vintage Cheddar and Persian Feta cheeses alongside quince paste and crispbreads, surrounded by fresh strawberries and plump dates, Turkish Apricots & Olives. Large (Serves 14-18 People) $120 Medium (Serves 10-12 People) $90 Small (Serves 6-8 People) $70

Dip Platter

From $50.00

Choose from our selection of creamy & chunky pesto dips accompanied by healthy vegetable dipping sticks of carrot, celery, mini cucumbers , baby corn & grape tomatoes. Crispbreads, peppadews, marinated melanzane & dolmades to maintain a vegetarian option   Large (Serves 14-18 People) $110 Medium (Serves 10-12 People) $80 Small (Serves 6-8 People) $50



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